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The Maya Wellness Clinic is located inside the Fernwood Yoga Den.  Our studio is expanding in our dedication to body based healing modalities by offering Massage Therapy, Acupuncure and other wellness services inside our 3 beautiful treatments rooms. 



Our Registered Massage Therapists can help you work towards your health and wellness goals by decreasing muscle tension, improving circulation, reducing stress and discomfort in the body.


Our Practitioners


Veronica, R.Ac

Veronica first found acupuncture in 2013 and it has completely changed her life for the better. Since then, she has completed her training at Pacific Rim College and done recent training in the Balance Method style of acupuncture.

Veronica is excited to be practicing acupuncture at MAYA and is passionate about using this incredible medicine to help you find more balance and ease in your life! Whether that means helping you address chronic or acute pain, headaches, mental and emotional health (such as anxiety, depression, stress, frustration, overwhelm, etc.), sleep difficulty, menopause, labour induction, digestive or menstrual irregularities, she is here to help you feel better.

Dr Jeanette Aditi Holden
Naturopathy - Crainosacral

Dr Aditi Jeanette Holden is as a Naturopathic Doctor. Prior to medical school, her training in Anthropology, permaculture farming and then a year in India, express her deep fascination for embodied personal and planetary healing. Combined with the extensive study of Ayurveda and TCM - she works predominantly with the energetics of the body, foods, remedies and plants as allies and as healers. She views medicine as alchemy and art form, the body as landscape, each beloved individual with their own sounds and combination of the elements.  Her training with various shamans across the world is also intertwined into her work. An initiate of shamanic teachings of the womb, which hold the symbols of the snake and honey bee- include the full gender spectrum, and the walking of ancestral lines. Her cranial sacral work has evolved into a deep unwinding of the gifts and traumas the body can hold~ working to access deeper authentic freedom and movement.


Thai Massage

Thai Yoga massage is an ancient healing art which honours the entire network of body, mind and spirit. It is a dynamic full-body therapy that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts immunity and revitalizes the body’s bio-energetic systems. Kali intuitively listens deeply to the many layers and rhythms of the body, offering from this centered space of loving kindness. By applying stretches to the tissues, fluid movements into the joints, and pressure to the energy lines, Thai Yoga Massage helps brings one into a surrendered state of alignment, relaxation and embodiment. Imagine feeling the combined effects of a juicy yoga practice, a deep acupressure session and a really fun dance!

$90/75Min session

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Acupuncture is an effective  therapeutic method used to encourage the body's ability to heal naturally. It is used to reduce or relieve pain and balance the systems of the body. 


Embodied Wellness

Our clinic will soon begin offering additional wellness services to compliment our current treatments.


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